First Response, Impact Assessment, Crisis Management, Running the Incident, Roles & Responsibilities

Course Description

When that Incident becomes a Crisis there won't be a help key on your computer. This half day workshop is designed to make you reconsider the way your organisation plans for the Office Emergency that we all know could happen but never get the time to prepare for. From the simplest spill to an office flood, incidents happen. If you are responsible for your team's safety why not take a morning to assess the risks and improve awareness. Run at your premises the workshop will, through practical exercises, help you undertake a hazard risk assessment of your work space covering security, health and safety, evacuation, data protection, environment and critical equipment. The course will then through examples, help you and your team construct a mitigation action plan.

"This could possibly be the best investment in your company you will ever make. I have seen too many examples of serious business disruption through a simple lack of preventative management and planning"

Mark East, Managing Partner, Sapira LLP.

Who should attend?

  • Office Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Facility Managers
  • Shift Charge Hands
  • PA's

Benefits to Your Business

  • Office Hazard Assessment and Mitigation Plan
  • Improved response to Incidents and Emergencies
  • An understanding of the Incident and Crisis Documents required relevant to your organisational risks
  • Improved understanding of the preparation and planning required to mitigate potential business interruptions
  • A cultural change towards emergency preparation and prevention
  • Improved Due Diligence and Corporate Governance

Course Structure

A program of distinct elements, including practical desk top exercises, based on and featuring several case studies and example documents.

Topics Covered include:

  • Site Survey and Hazard Assessment
  • Constructing the Office Impact Register
  • Incident First Actions & Roles
    • The Managing Director
    • The Crisis Manager
    • Things you don't consider
  • Planning for Continuity not Disaster
    • Business Impact Analysis (Corporate/Strategic)
    • Business Impact Analysis (Products, Activities/Processes, Technology)
    • Alternative Locations & Stand By
    • Data Recovery
  • Preventative Management
    • Security & Access Control
    • Data Security
    • Integrated Management Systems
  • The Office Continuity Plan
  • Template Review