First Response, Aspect Registers, Hazard Assessment, Crisis Management, Running the Incident, Roles, Responsibilities, Action Plans and Resources

Course Description

Designed for those people tasked with writing the organisations Spill Contingency Plan this workshop style course, draws on our years of experience in writing plans for Power Stations, Chemical Plants, Hospitals and Manufacturing Industries.

It sets out how and where a spill contingency plan should fit within your organisation's Business Continuity and Emergency Planning document suite depending on the scale and scope of the chemicals involved and the potential impact they could have.

The course includes a practical site hazard assessment tour, site sectoring, developing risk cells and the preparation of a risk cell incident action plan.

Delegates will be provided with the Spill Planning Guide and a Spill Plan Template both of which will be used during the workshop.

Students will leave the workshop with the necessary knowledge to undertake a full site audit, populate the site risk cell register all of which will be used to then populate and script the Spill Contingency Plan.

Who should attend?

  • Production and Operations Managers
  • Shift Supervisors
  • Shift Charge Engineers
  • Plant Engineers
  • Incident and Crisis Managers
  • Spill Contingency Planners

Benefits to Your Business

  • Understanding Site Sectoring and Hazard Assessment
  • Developing a Risk Cell Incident Action Plan
  • The 3 Part Spill Contingency Plan
  • Flow Charted Response
  • Selecting the correct Spill Kit
  • PPE and RPE Selection
  • Resourcing and Budgeting for Spills

Course Structure

A program of distinct elements, including practical desk top exercises, based on and featuring several case studies and example documents.

Topics Covered include:

  • Spill Response - Policy and Spill Response Team Selection
  • Alarms, Communications, Call Trees
  • Site Survey and Hazard Assessment
  • Site Sectoring and Risk Cells, Chemical Inventory Lists
  • Common mistakes and lessons to be learned
  • Invocation & Escalation
  • Incident Development & Spill Crisis Management
  • Scripting your BCP
    • Part 1 - Preamble
    • Part 2 - Resources, Risk Cells and Site Plans
    • Part 3 - Risk Cell Spill Incident Action Plans
  • Exercising and Testing